What is the House of Wine?

The phrase “House of Wine” comes from a poetic story in scripture. In the poem, a glad king invites his beloved companion to come to his royal table and enjoy his presence (Song of Songs 2:4). Like the companion in the story, each of us are deeply loved of God and are invited to come and feast at His table.

The House of Wine is a 2-hour worship gathering in the spirit of this poem.

Doors open at 9am.

Come as you are, stay as long as you’d like…

Throughout the time, we “come to the table” through communion, song, prayer, and celebration.

Our desire during this gathering is to follow the gentle leading of God’s Spirit, the One who is always with us. It is a special time to connect with God and hear His voice. Most importantly, it is a time to remember who you are and who your Creator is! That is what the bread and wine (or juice) on the communion table is all about.

Along with a worship team, there is an emcee who will help guide our time together. This includes moments when people can share things on their hearts, whether a song, a testimony, or something they are sensing God is speaking.

You are welcome to sit quietly and use the time for personal reflection—or you may want to jump in and participate in other ways (no pressure either way). We have areas for dancing and other expressions of worship. We also plan to have a table set up for those who want to express their worship through artwork or journaling. Please be yourself and enjoy the presence of God.

Children are always welcome to enjoy this time with us. Click here for information on 
kids’ classes and nurseryIf your child becomes restless, one of our ushers can help you find a more kid-friendly space.

At the end of our time together, we will transition to our next gathering at 11am. This is an hour of teaching and encouragement. You are more than welcome to stay for that as well.