Awake: Intro Transcript

Hi, my name is Nick Padovani and I teach over at the Almond Branch over in West Milford, New Jersey, and I want to ask you right now for a little bit of your time to talk about God. So, contrary to popular opinion, Jesus Christ did not come to a start a new religion or some nice social club . . . Jesus came to unlock on the inside of you your truest self and your greatest purpose. And like countless other people out there, I'm speaking here today as one whose was transformed and had my life utterly turned upside down by Jesus.

So what we've done here is we've created these seven videos. They're about 20 minutes each. It's called "Awake: The Seven Facets" and these videos go over the core of Jesus's message . . . which is a message that sets you free just by hearing it with an open heart. It frees you from things like addiction, spiritual confusion, shame -- even from dead, dry religion if that's your background.

Now we call it "Seven Facets" because it's based on this image of a diamond, and the diamond represents the real you . . . the "You" that God created and loves so much. No matter how you feel or what you see on the outside, or what you've been through, there is a jewel hidden inside of you.

This diamond also represents the true nature of God, because what you'll find is that much of religion has tarnished the truth of who God is as a wondrous, compassionate, and happy Creator. So each "facet" is a different teaching and they all go through this message that awakens us to God's identity and to our identity as those created in his image.

So that's what this is about. I hope you'll at least check out the first facet and see where that takes you. And if you are watching this, I encourage you to talk about it with other people, even there's just one person you can follow up with at some point. And you can always reach out to us here at the Almond Branch as well.

So that's it. Thank you. Enjoy!