Facet 5: Death - Transcript

Welcome back. This is Facet Five. Death.
We’ve covered some important things so far. We’ve learned that God is a Divine Family; that this universe around us was made from an eternal Relationship of love. And that we are the image of the Creator within this universe. We’re His children. And we’re like tiny living cells within the Body of the cosmos, and we have an amazing purpose on our lives.
But what we’ve also learned is that a disease has hit our lives, like cancer attacks cells. This cancer of a lie attacked humanity early on, and has reproduced itself in our lives, just like cancer reproduces itself in a body. As a result, we have seemingly lost our original DNA and have come into a false DNA—what we have called the false identity.
Thankfully, the Divine Family has been on a rescue mission to heal us; to wake us up and bring us back to our true selves. And that is what we’re talking about now. This is the secret mission that started a very long time ago, but really began to kick into gear with the coming of Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the incarnation of God in a human body. And so He is the One who reveals our Creator’s true identity, and ours. He shows us our face and God’s face.  
But now we come to the most important part of the plan, because God did not just come to us through Jesus to remind us of things we lost. There was an even bigger purpose than that.
As we said last time, Jesus didn’t come to start a new religion. HIs didn’t come to just be this great teacher who could give us some powerful principles or social truths to live by. He also didn’t come to be a great prophet or some enlightened guru.
Jesus, God-in-human-flesh, came to earth with one incredible and yet strange purpose. He came in order to die…
On one occasion, Jesus said, “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve others, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
Jesus’s main purpose was what ended up happening in His crucifixion…His death on a cross. The cross was a Roman execution stake where criminals were put to death for treason and other crimes. And it was there that Jesus was tortured and murdered.
But Jesus said on many occasions that out of this horrific death, somehow freedom and healing and life would come forth.
Now that probably sounds very strange indeed, but the concept of life coming out of death is not that crazy when you think about this universe around us.  
Life comes out of death all the time.

Think of stars for a moment. When a star collapses it releases its energy in what’s sometimes called a supernova. And out of that, new stars form, and from those new stars come the building blocks for life to flourish in even more variety and power.  
Or, if you look away from the sky and set your gaze to the ground, one of the things you’ll see are plants.
And every plant owes its existence to the death of previous plants and other organisms. And plants die all the time, and from their death nutrients and other elements are released, which then feed other creatures, including us.  
Us and animals eat those plants. We execute them, put them in our mouths and life gets released. Energy comes forth.
Well, there’s a mystery here, a message if you will, that connects back to the greater story. The story of the Divine Family and Jesus’s mission on earth. This is something that is actually hidden all throughout the universe, and it’s all pointing to that divine plan that was set in motion from the beginning.
And this ultimate plan was that through the death of the Messiah, Jesus, life would be released—especially for those who would eat and drink of that death for themselves.

Now what do I mean by that…eating and drinking of Christ’s death.
Well, this is one of the reasons Jesus is called the “Lamb of God.” See, in the ancient world, people believed that sacrifices could appease the gods. And if the gods were appeased, if their anger was quenched, then they would favor you and help you. They would release life and blessing to you.
Well, Jesus came into that system of sacrificial religion on a secret mission to end that system. You see, that whole way of thinking of needing to appease the heavens with blood came out of the false identity and our distorted understanding of God.
See, Jesus’s death on the cross was called a sacrifice. But in Scripture it’s referred to as the final sacrifice. It’s the sacrifice to end sacrifice. And the reason is because in His death, God is saying to us, “You don’t need to appease me. Actually, I’ve come to appease you.” In other words, “I’ve come to stop the guilt and fear raging in your souls, which produces all the terrible things in the world. So I am going to sacrifice myself to show you, to demonstrate, my true love for you… And that I would give anything for your heart.”
See, Jesus would tell people “eat of My sacrifice.” In other words, believe in what I’ve done… Trust in this love… That’s what that means.
Just like when you eat an actual lamb that has been killed and cooked in the fire, and that lamb then goes into your body and releases energy in you—when you truly receive of what Jesus did, when you believe and trust, energy is released within.  
And that is true life. The life from which all energy originally came from, which is the very Life of God—the Holy Spirit, who is part of the Divine Family.
He gives the life that we were designed to live in. And Jesus clearly taught that the only way to receive this life is by believing in Him, and what He did.
Now I recognize that this might raise some questions. Like, why did He have to die; and why is that the only way to find true life?
So like astronomers study the death of stars and biologists study the death of plants, I want to go deeper now and take an even closer look at the most important death in the universe: the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ…
There’s something very important that Jesus said right before He died, when He was hanging from that cross, having suffered unimaginable pain. On that cross, He cried out the words, “It is finished.”
And right off the bat, we have to understand that Jesus’s death did something. It accomplished something. And this accomplished work is what releases life to us. This is how we walk again in our true identity.
So what did Jesus’s death accomplish?
Well, there are two main things that happened because He died: Reconciliation and redemption. These are the two things that came out of His death. We’ll start with reconciliation.
Jesus accomplished a reconciling peace between humankind and God. In other words, His death restored the broken relationship between us and the Divine Family. And I already kind of hinted at this when talking about God’s sacrifice for us.
Remember, in the beginning, we said that we were made for relationship with God. That relationship is like food and drink for our souls and even our bodies. So if that relationship is cut off, then we’re cut off from the true source of life, and we don’t truly live. Our soul decays, and what that looks like is fear and depression and mental instability and even chemical breakdowns and physical issues that arise from our disconnected relationship with our Creator.  
At the root of it all, we lost a relationship that was meant to be life to our being. Remember, in Facet 2, we learned how we experienced guilt and then saw God through a broken lens . . . and we ran from him.
Now I want to reiterate the fact that God was never our enemy. God never broke the relationship with us. The Scriptures say that “we became enemies of God in our minds.”
You see, in reality, God always loved us. As we’ve pointed out several times, even after Adam and Eve sinned, in the story God pursues them. Even after their children sinned, God goes after them too.
Now this all connects to another strange passage in the Bible where it says, “Jesus is the lamb slain before the foundation of the world.”
Some translations point out that the word “foundation” there can be translated as “fall.” So, Jesus was the Lamb slain before the fall of the world.
You see, even before we fell into darkness, before the very beginning of time, God had already forgiven us. He knew what was going to happen. He also knew there was no way around it. Either the Divine Family didn’t make beings with free-will at all, or They would allow us to make a horrible mistake, and yet choose to be with us every step of the way, with a plan to correct and ultimately rescue us and heal us.  
So God chose to forgive us from the beginning. He loved us from the beginning of time. So when Jesus died on the cross—He was revealing what was in our Father’s heart from all eternity.
This is powerful, because it shows us once and for all the depth of God’s love. The cross settles every question and quenches every fear about God’s intention toward us. And it removes guilt. It sucks it us out of us, because we see that God loves us even in our issues.
Think about that cross for a moment. Think about what happened there. Humankind did the worst thing imaginable 2000 years ago. You know, most people would agree that there’s nothing worse than the abuse and murder of a child. We just know deep in our bones that the desecration of something innocent is absolutely evil.
Now Jesus wasn’t a child, but He was actually the most innocent person to ever walk this earth. In fact, He was more innocent than a newborn. And what did we do? I say we, because any of us could have been in the shoes of the Romans or the people of Israel that day.
We slandered Him, spit in His face, and lied about Him. Then proceeded to further humiliate him, torture him, and violently murder Him. There is no worse crime imaginable than this: but to torture and kill the innocent Son of God.  
But. In the midst of that horrendous crime, the worst thing humanity has ever done, Jesus, as God, revealed the heart of God when He cried out these words at the cross: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”
In that moment, in our worst moment, Jesus was still for us. He had tender compassion toward us, because He knew we were deceived and living in a lie.

And God wanted nothing more than for us to be restored back to relationship with Him. And that was way more important than any sin we did. And so the cross enables us to have a restored relationship with God, because it empowers us to receive His forgiveness and love for ourselves.

We’ve all lived in this false identity in one way or another, none of us is exempt. Whether its hidden or obvious, there is an inner guilt and fear that our souls carry. And the only way to be free of that is to receive this forgiveness for yourself.
Now, the cross also shows us something else that brings healing to the heart. It shows us a God who is not far from our pain, but a God who comes to suffer with us, even in our broken choices. He is a God who never abandoned us…and never will.
So the cross also breaks that orphan spirit; that lie that you’re all alone. And it wakes you up to see just how loved you are…
The second thing that Jesus “finished” through His death is something called “redemption.”
Now let me back up a little bit in the story before I explain the meaning of that word.
Before Jesus was killed, many people were coming to Him and wanting to make him a king. They wanted Him to sit on a literal throne and rule over the nation and defeat all the evil empires of the world.
But Jesus always avoided this. And a lot of people grew frustrated with Him because He never let them make Him into that kind of ruler.
Even at the very end of His ministry, people from other nations started to hear about Jesus and were traveling to see Him. At one point, there were these Greeks who came looking for Him the week before He was going to die, and He refused to meet with them.
But in His refusal to meet with them, He gave these mysterious words. He said:
“Let me make this clear: A single grain of wheat will never be more than a single grain of wheat unless it drops into the ground and dies. Because then it sprouts and produces a great harvest of wheat—all because one grain died.”
Ok, well that’s another strange statement… A bunch of people want to see Jesus. They possibly want to follow Him. And He doesn’t want to see them, which probably confused His disciples, because they thought he was going to be this great teacher and prophet, and why not get more followers?
But Jesus says no. And then makes this statement about a single grain of wheat, and how it must fall into the ground and die, because if it doesn’t, there will never be other grains of wheat like it.  
Well, here’s the thing: Jesus knew that people were still living from that principle of the Tree of Right and Wrong. And here’s what I mean: People still wanted another law to follow. They wanted another prescription. They wanted another leader or king, something outside themselves to govern them; another government or religion to follow in order to find utopia—or to put it simply, to find original blessing and true life.
This was the same problem from the beginning when Eve was told that something exterior could make her like God; could give her what she was made for.
But man and woman were made to live from the inside out; from the place of inner freedom. And that is what Jesus wanted to restore. He came to deal with our hearts. Our identity.  
So He said, I’m only one grain of wheat. In other words, I’m living the true life of original blessing. I’m living the life humankind was made for. I am the Life, actually. Now, if people just follow Me as a Leader or Teacher, they might try to copy Me, but they don’t need to copy something, they need this life on the inside of them, because that’s what they were designed for.
And then Jesus basically said, “If I die, I will multiply My life. I will release it within people.”
And this is where we get to that word “redemption.” This other thing the cross accomplished… To redeem something is to buy something back, or to restore something to its original value. Jesus wanted to bring humanity back to its original value and purpose; back to the true life we were made to experience in relationship with God.
So, how could His death restore that life to us?
Well, I already explained how a revelation of God’s love and forgiveness does release life in us. But there’s even more to this, so please focus in here…
When we fell into that ancient lie, it was more than just bad thoughts in our heads. It started in our minds; our minds were deceived; but this lie of a false identity became a power in and of itself. It became something that ruled over us, like a king.
That’s why no matter how hard we tried to keep the law we could never do it.
But when Jesus went to the cross, He actually took on the very power of that false identity, that sin, on Himself. And He was destroying its power in His own body.
And when He died, the power of that lie died as well.  
You see, the Scriptures specifically say that “when Christ died, all died.” What does that mean?
Well, this is a mystery that transcends our physical world, but it’s true nonetheless. Jesus is God. He is a Man in one body, but He is also the God who fills all things.
God is Spirit and fills everything . . . The Scriptures say, “In him we live and move and have our being.” It also says, “In Christ all things hold together.”
It literally says that: that all things are held together in Jesus. Why? Because He is God. He is the Spirit who fills all things.
You see, everything is connected, which is something modern science is discovering more and more. There’s an underlying field of energy that connects everything. And this isn’t Star Wars, this is a reality that humanity is waking up to even on a scientific level. And there’s more yet to be discovered.
But let’s bring this back to the death of Jesus. I hope you’re still following along here . . .
When Jesus died, he was connected to all the universe, and to each one of us, and he took on the power of that false identity on himself. And when He died, that identity died as well.
We didn’t see this happen physically, but it happened on a deep and fundamental level. Something that keeps us back from living in the light, living in our true identity, was destroyed and killed on that cross.  
At the cross, Jesus broke the power of that false identity, and freed us from anything that keeps us living as the happy, beloved, and free children of God.
So Jesus gave His life like a seed in the ground; like a star exploding; or a plant decaying; and when you receive that life for yourself, new life gets released within you. And that will bring us to the next Facet, where we talk about the turning point of human history—the resurrection of Jesus.